If you provide Printastic Designs with any text, images, designs, or other content for incorporation into your
project, you unconditionally guarantee that you have all appropriate and necessary right/authority to use them
and that your use will not infringe any trademark, copyright, or other right of any other party.

The designs/layouts prepared by Printastic Designs for you as part of your project may have similarities to
designs prepared by Printastic Designs for other parties. You are obtaining no right or claim of any kind to any
individual design element or elements provided by Printastic Designs and we reserve the right to use the same or
similar design elements in other Printastic Designs projects or otherwise for other parties in the future.

Except for the specific project content provided to Printastic Designs by you, all rights in all design/layout work
products, including without limitation both final designs and all interim and draft designs, are retained by Printastic
Designs. Your right to use any designs prepared by Printastic Designs for you is limited to the finished printed
products in the form they are supplied to you by Printastic Designs. You may not copy, disassemble, modify, or
transfer any such designs.

Printastic Designs reserves the right to use any designs and/or your finished project products as sample work for
advertising and promotional purposes.

Initial design proofs are expected to be delivered to you within 7 business days of your initial order provided all
content and information needed from you is completed and received. All artwork for printed products are sent to
an off site printer after proof approval. Please allow aproximately 3 weeks including shipping time for printed
projects, although most projects will be completed in less time. Printastic Designs will not be liable for any missed
deadlines and will not refund clients for this reason.
Policy and Terms of Use
All rights reserved.