It’s time to re-awaken on so many levels. My creative musings, my passion for progress, my drive to succeed in whatever I put my mind to. All of it… I need to wake up.  I’ve literally been in a business slump for the past 9 months. In March, I was finishing up the design for this website, expanding my marketing to include Instagram and Pinterest, and adding listings to my Etsy shop and then, very quickly, my productivity began to spiral down to a trickle. I lost interest in everything I had been actively pursuing with a single minded focus on the business level. I began to not care so much when I ran into road block after road block in the vast openness of the internet and new web-based e-commerce development options.  Oh, I’ve kept up with my orders all year, but I stopped pursuing more of them. Stopped pushing my products. Stopped searching for clients. Stopped pursuing this passion that was instilled in me so many years ago. I changed my focus entirely and began thinking about myself, my life and how I had been trying so hard to succeed in my business that I completely failed to put the same effort into being present in my life. So I stopped pushing for more and, instead, started letting go of the things that no longer made sense in my life. I stopped putting off things that should have been done long ago. I stopped telling myself that someday I would would focus more on myself and what would make me happy. I just shut down everything unnecessary and began moving on auto pilot. I’ve moved my home base. I’ve spent more quality time with my children. I’ve freed myself from the self imposed proverbial chains. I won’t bore you with the details, but I have undergone a personal transformation. I am better than I was before and ready to reinvest myself in my business, although it will be done much differently now.

So here I go again with a fresh take on this creative venture I cannot let go of. I am now awake and ready to see new opportunities from a different perspective. I’m hopeful that 2018 will be my best year yet.

Cheers & Happy New Year to you all!

~ Jill

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